The Bedugul We Love by Bisma Eight

Bedugul covers a large area of the central highlands of Bali around the villages of Bedugul itself, Candikuning, Pancasari, Pacung, and Wanagiri (amongst others). This is an area of great natural beauty. The focus point of the area centres on the crater lakes and the nearby botanical gardens. The whole area is at an altitude of 700 metres or more, with the tallest mountain peaks above 2,000 metres, and it could be distinctly chilly up there, no worries, our team will prepare the necessary gear for you to settle in during the trip.

So, start your day a little bit early as we are off to take you onto one of Bisma Eight’s great adventures exploring the beauty and nature of Bali central highlands.

IDR 1,450,000 NET FOR 2 PEOPLE*

*Add IDR  250,000 net for 1 additional person

7-8 AM
Breakfast at Copper Kitchen & Bar for 2

8-9.30 AM
Depart for Buyan & Tamblingan Twin Lakes

10-10.30 AM
Depart For Gitgit Waterfalls

11:30 AM-12 PM
Depart for Lunch Picnic at Bali Botanic Gardens for 2

1:30-1:45 PM
Depart for Bedugul Traditional Market

2-2:30 PM
Depart for Afternoon Treats at Baturiti Luwak Coffee for 2


The Bedugul We Love is Bisma Eight's own bespoke outdoor adventure and is available to book directly for both staying guests and the general public. Available all year long. Please ask our team the chance of rain on the day of booking.