Behind the scenes - A SIT DOWN WITH JASPER


3 years ago we engaged a notable architect, designer and friend in Jasper Chia (JC) of Fuur Associates in Singapore to lead in the design and planning of Bisma Eight (BE). What we found was an interesting, opinionated and cultured persona behind the drawing board. Jasper worked on the project with his sidekick in Jerome Ping and now sits down with us to talk music, Ubud, the future, and f&b. 

BE: Give us your typical day in Ubud. We understand you really know how to relax up there?

JC: I am usually in Work mode when I am in Ubud, at least for the past year or so.

But if I was to describe an ideal day in Ubud, it would be something like this;

  • Get up early and walk to the markets in Ubud Town Square, where the villagers sell almost anything and everything.
  • Pick up some handmade incense or local fruit like mangosteen.
  • Stroll to one of the many hipster coffee joints around the market (Anomali Coffee) and order a long black. 
  • Indulge in a spot of people watching or just reading a book.
  • Breakfast back in the hotel or some wifi friendly cafe near Monkey Forest.
  • I would usually have the Mee Goreng with Egg which is the ultimate comfort food, with Balinese Black Coffee.
  • After Brekkie, Strolling through the old town, there are many small art galleries and dye/bead shops sprinkled around Ubud.
  • Probably slip in a foot or body massage to kick start the day.
  • Lunch at Sari Organic is pretty lush 'cause it overlooks a ravine (like everywhere else in Ubud I suppose).
  • Afternoons will be best spent I reckon with a good book by the Pool. Bisma Eight has the best view in Ubud :).
  • Have a Snooze.
  • Pre-dinner drinks at Copper Bar at Bisma Eight. where you can catch the Bali Sunset whilst getting tanked aka Working-up-an-appetite.
  • My favorite haunt for dinner is Batan Waru in Ubud Town, walking distance from Bisma Eight.
  • I usually take my Design Team there so we can relax and talk about the site in a casual but cool setting.
  • The Bebek and Nasi Campur is next level, and the Sambal is out of this world. Very Spicy!
  • After dinner, you can stroll around the old town or head back to Copper for a few more Beers.
  • I think Suraj has a few Barrels of goodness hidden behind the bar, though I haven’t had the chance to try them. 
  • I’m usually ready for bed by 10pm after a long day on site, plus Ubud to me is not a party town, and it’s cool like that.
  • I usually get up early the next day 'cause the Morning air is cold and crisp. The Best. 
  • Repeat.


BE: What music did you listen to when working on Bisma Eight?

JC: The Soundtrack I listen to on my ride into Ubud from Denpasar is the Spotify PLayList “DRIVVE FM”, under jasper chia (user)

Put it on random play. It gets me in the mood for Ubud.


BE: Curious to know what your drink of choice is out of Ubud and when in Ubud?

JC: I am a big fan of Avocado Shakes when in Ubud 'cause you can’t get them so easily and cheap in Singapore. Bintang Beer is not a bad Beer.

Out of Ubud, I am usually an Asahi Beer, a Single Malt (Glendronach) kinda guy. I don’t like my drinks mixed, unless it’s a properly done, stiff Old-Fashioned.


BE: You’ve taken on some pretty interesting projects in Singapore. What’s next? 

JC: Dean and I, we are working on a Concept Showroom for Nike on Orchard Road in Singapore. It’s a very visible project and the entire FUUR team is on it.

We are also working on the New KYO (Singapore) club in KL, a roof top bar in Suntec City (Singapore), and launching F&B brands in Amoy St (Singapore) and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

We have had 2 small Boutique Hotel Projects concept proposals done after Bisma Eight but the local conditions here are not favorable at the moment so we are currently just sitting on those.

I am working on a showroom space for Viewqwest , one of the rising Tech Giants in Singapore, and Dean might have some urban scaled projects lined up in Jakarta where he used to live and work. 

So it’s all pretty exciting and fresh.