What's Up Folk!

We're very proud of the team over Folk Pool & Gardens in just a short period of time since the opening back in June and up to this day, they managed to pull this one off right off the bat. They knew exactly what the colorful folks in Ubud town really crave for. A sweet-sized public pool bar located in center town (finally!) with those in-water table tops to place splash gears and the edibles, a whole day daybeds and teepees to laze in, the can't-miss adorable floaties to hop on, the island life chill tunes to sound out to, and with bites and bevvies that would light up the happy strings and leave with a nice rub on the tummy. So no question the place fills up in no time. But, they didn't stop there.

Just a month in, they now serve more local-taste pool edibles to munch on and hold weekly event with live tunes to have the hip move just a bit while sipping the coladas. In short, the team at Folk really know how to chillax, and of course, the Ubud way.


Daily Ops Hours from 9 am to 10 pm

IDR 50K net chargeable per person to use the pool

An easy find of Folk Pool & Gardens, on Google maps