Anja’s Trip Makes for The Best Kind of Tale

As a lover of thoughtful Architecture and lifestyle, Anja made this visit to Bali a trip to remember.

After heading back to Bangkok following a brief visit to Bali, she made the decision to return with a friend from her hometown of Munich to celebrate Valentine’s day. Upon exploring the city’s landscape for the ideal accommodation, she chanced upon Bisma Eight and found it to be the right fit. Being a freelance creative director of a lifestyle company, she was unsurprisingly smitten by the design of the hotel.

That’s not all that hit the spot.

As a big believer of signs, positive energy and higher powers, Anja took the connection with Bisma Eight a little deeper. Upon checking in she noticed the property’s logo and it’s connection with spirituality. The (U) design is part of the Aksara Bali script translating to the number 8, as to her it also symbolises the rotation of karma. The number 8 transcends all cultural boundaries and comes with it different global interpretations of what it stands for. At Bisma Eight, it is connected to the idea of evolution, growth and life’s infinite scenarios. It’s more than just a logo to the people of the Bisma Eight community. It’s a way of life.

At the Bali Angels Tattoo shop in Canggu, she chose to place the script just under her wrist to make for a more unassuming graphic token of her trip to Ubud and her connection with the regency. She and the friend (who is now her boyfriend) are planning on a move to Bali in the near future.

Bisma Eight has that effect on people.

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Tales from The Road 001-03/14/16 – Story submission by Anja Kukofka from Munich, Bavaria, Germany – Instagram @anjakukofka

Tales from The Road 001-03/14/16 – Story submission by Anja Kukofka from Munich, Bavaria, Germany – Instagram @anjakukofka


'It's all about the story' 
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My own story in the creative world started ten years ago at Marc O’Polo Internat. GmbH, loving what I was doing I quickly progressed to become the 'Creative Head' and was in charge of building up the creative ‘lab’. I however couldn’t shake the feeling that the world had more to offer and I decided to travel the world for 1 year, finding a new passion in surfing and growing my love for design and creating visual stories. Upon returning to Munich I seized the chance to work as the ‘Creative Director’ for SET fashion, developing the brand and heading incredible projects. 
Today, as a freelance Creative Director & Brand Consultant, I am living in Munich and Bali. I create visual stories simply because I love it. Creativity is my craft, my heart and my soul. Working with international labels sees me packing my bags and travelling the world often. Being a traveller and trendspotter at the same time is also my love and passion. I'm inspired by cities, the ocean, people I meet, places I go to and the spontaneity in each concept, each idea. This all keeps me creating a unique story throughout all my visual concepts, a vibe which captures the audience and sees me continually building new relationships with upcoming and established brands. 
Tell me your story and I will translate this into your creative brand concept, which resonates and influences your audience. I firmly believe that what truly matters is the story and lifestyle that inspires and shows the brands identity, and not just a logo.
I hope you enjoy the world as I see and create it. 

Anja x