Meet Our Landscape Artist, Jung Yat (SHL Asia)

Our bamboo courtyard designed by  SHL Asia

Our bamboo courtyard designed by SHL Asia

When did you initially draw an interest in landscape design? And why do you want a career as a landscape designer?
• It was 8 years ago, when I worked at Bensley Design Studio – Bali. I don’t look at being a landscape designer as being a job, it’s more like a hobby so I really enjoy it.

Do you have the ability to see a finished product, before it’s done?
• Of course, this ability is important, and every landscape architect should be able to imagine the completed product before it's done.

Please describe your unique approach to space in your landscapes. What are your main influences?
• Our design inspirations come from nature and culture in which the project is located. Then we find synergy with the architectural style.

How do you define the landscape of Ubud? What attracts you personally to the town?
• Lush greenery, moss, fern, artful and misty, personally I like this combination and I believe it is part of the soul of the landscape.

What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?
• When we must submit designs quickly as per client's requests, while working on another project that needs to be finished soon. Usually our team tackles it with overtime work.

How did you obtain your general knowledge of landscaping? How do you keep up on current trends?
• I learned a lot from the studio where I worked before, Bensley Design Studio. I also had many discussions with planting experts directly, while learning from nature is very interesting. 
There are always new things to learn from nature.
• We never follow trends, our attention is paid more to the realization of a client's and our vision for the project.

What was your most successful landscape project? How do you evaluate one?
• Bisma Eight is one of our successful landscape projects.
• It’s simple to evaluate. After the project finish, usually a year after, I would walk through the gardens and if I feel happy, then it is a successful project. I’m pleased with the results of Bisma Eight project.

What are the main challenges and opportunities working on Bisma Eight Hotel project?
• The challenges were to create a landscape design style similar to that of Geoffrey Bawa (as per client’s visions) that are aligned with the forces of nature in Ubud, so the result is the landscape you see now. The natural look and feel of the place are consistent with the forest landscape in front of the property.

What is your philosophy towards work?
• We believe teamwork and collaboration is the best way to make a successful project.

Jung Yat, a Landscape Artist of  SHL Asia

Jung Yat, a Landscape Artist of SHL Asia

How do you define sustainable landscape architecture?
• Easy maintenance and energy saving in all aspects.

What role does traditional Balinese landscape practices play in your own practice, such as Bisma Eight hotel?
• In Bali we have the concept of “Desa Kala Patra” which translates to “The Spirit of Place”. This means respecting the place where we reside in as to in landscaping we respect the nature's or the place’s character of the project's surrounding areas. Therefore we do not implement the European, Mediterranean, Japanese, or any other style of landscape for Bisma Eight.

What sorts of things do you need to know to be a great landscaper or a landscape architect/designer?
• The ability to understand the site, the client’s visions, and the character of the building

• Possess taste in art and strong imagination
• Ability to organize space, and technical knowledge including material and plantation
• Communication skills both images and verbal

What are the biggest mistakes people make when doing landscaping?
• People often make the mistake of putting too many decorative items in their landscape without concept. They put the decorations as they want (not thinking as a unity), which can eliminate the beauty of the landscape itself

Outside of your own work, what has been your favorite landscape design project you have witnessed? What made it great?
• I really enjoyed the work of Ketut Suratman in Ubud, named Dara Ayu Villa. I think he succeeded in achieving a very natural landscape design, so that eventually it no longer feels the impressions of a human touch. It is a beautiful project.

What would be a dream project of yours?
• Designing a landscape project on a huge site with only a small building inside.

What is your next project after Bisma Eight hotel?
• SHL Asia is now designing the landscapes of The Qamar Eco Resort at Janda Baik Malaysia, Baale Private Villas, Goa - India, also working for a hi-end residence in Lombok named Selong Selo Residences.
• In Bali, we're currently working on Hilton Garden Inn Hotel – Legian, World Hotel – Pecatu, Natya Villas – Ubud, and Tanadewa Resort and Spa - Ubud.