Ubud's Crackling Flame of Charcoal Embers

We’re super thrilled that Bisma Eight Group's latest venture has finally opened. Located on Ubud center town main road, it’s another culinary uplift done by the group as a rare addition to the island's charred style restaurant, and with the sizable flaming grill placed at the front, it’s super easy to spot from the street.  LIAP LIAP team and their Chef de Cuisine, Mandif Warokka, embrace the roots and take them further deep into exotic grilling and smoking techniques using bamboos and coconut shells as the stars of the show.  Let's give the team a warm welcome to the Ubud neighborhood!

As purveyors of a vibrant culinary heritage, Chef-Patron Mandif Warokka and the crew at Liap Liap place their commitment in searching the far reaches of the Indonesian islands for its iconic culinary endeavours and flavours. The discovery has led in taking cues from the brave tribes of the region and to embrace said roots in the showcasing of traditional, indigenous cooking styles. Combining exotic grilling and smoking techniques, the team proudly shares and delivers to you an archipelago-inspired cuisine like no other.

Located in the famed Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, the project was conceived by exploring a dimension of design rooted in both tradition and culture. The space gives nods to homegrown accents, tropical touch points, and preserved textural layers to provide a pleasant, airy vibe that sets itself as progressively uncategorised.

Operational Days/Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10 AM to 11 PM