Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Irma Yasandikusuma had studied fashion design in Paris at the Studio Berçot and worked in different fashion houses. Her most notable experience was the role in the LANVIN House of Fashion as the jewelry and accessories assistant designer and had worked closely with the renowned Elie Top in 2010 until 2011.

Followed through this enriching experience, Irma had taken part in many creative projects and officially started her own jewelry line IRMA WY in 2013. Since then, she had expanded and established her name in Paris and Geneva by collaborating with privately-own luxury boutiques, art galleries and creative pop-ups.

After she had started designing her own collection line she later had felt the need to further explore the creations then had decided to come to Bali in 2016 to expand the line in her home country and collaborate more closely with Indonesian artisans in pursuance of cultivating her cultural heritage into the work weaved with what she had learned back in Europe.

Today IRMA WY brand counts five to seven people investing their manual and creative skills independently into unique pieces of jewelry.





As an Indonesian woman growing up in Switzerland and had studied in the capital of the Arts, Paris, I had always embraced and tried to harmonize the contrast of cultures through my work. I had realized today that the sense of union in diversity comes from the national adage of my country of heritage: 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' (unity in diversity). These words are the core of all my inspirations and motivation to create something meaningful and close to my heart.

For the latest installation at Bisma Eight, I share a sense of intuitive fusion through the pieces and present you unique and singular creations responding to personal moods and inspiration.