On Going Construction – Guest Notification Letter

Photo by our guest  @wirehn

Photo by our guest @wirehn

Dear Guests,

Thank you for choosing Bisma Eight as the perfect place to stay during your vacation in Ubud.  We trust that your experience is comfortable and extend our attention should you require any further assistance during your time with us.

Bisma Eight is a thoughtful and experiential destination, designed with your complete comfort and satisfaction in mind.  We take the utmost pride in ensuring that your stay becomes an everlasting part of our story and that you find the peace and tranquillity of our beautiful island and hotel, the most memorable acquaintance possible.

Every measure has been taken to give our guests a serene and harmonious sanctuary to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives; though there are times where situations arise and we must involve the consideration of factors beyond our control.

With this in mind we feel it our duty of care to inform guests that our neighbours are currently in the process of ongoing construction which has led to a small amount of noise arising around our infinity pool.  Again, every step within our control has been taken to minimise the impact this may have on your stay and we are pleased to say that this minor disturbance is localised to the pool area from 9am-4pm only, and that the guest suites and communal areas are otherwise unaffected.

We understand that lazy days by the pool were one of the many reasons why you considered your vacation here at Bisma Eight and we hope that this slight disturbance does not inconvenience your moments taking in the breathtaking  tropical jungle vistas.

In consideration, the Bisma Eight family would like to invite guests to discover Ubud and join our team poolside at our sister property, Folk Pool & Gardens just a five minute drive from the hotel. Simply attract the attention of any member of our team and inform them that you would like to visit Folk Pool & Gardens and we’ll have one of our drivers take you straight over; and more good news is that we’ll take 15% of all food & beverage while you’re there.  Consider it our way of saying thank you for being a part of our story and for continuing to enjoy Bali’s leading resort in Ubud.

We hope this letter will allow you to continue your experience here in Ubud with sound peace of mind and that your vacation or business in Bali is as memorable as always.

Should you have any further questions, concerns or requirements, please contact info@bismaeight.com or +62-361-4792-888. 

With the sincerest attention,


General Manager - Bisma Eight