BE: How did you get into cooking?

AP: I have enjoyed eating good food since Junior High School and have since always wanted to cook my favourite dishes. Perfecting my skills makes me pretty delighted.


BE: What ingredients do you like to play with?

AP: Garlic - it can give a pinch of savoury taste.


BE: Give us a cooking tip or technique?

AP: Never use a spoon to add salt, always use your hands.


BE: What do you love about the farm?

AP: It makes it easier and efficient for the kitchen to be able to get ingredients grown nearby at our farm. It’s a real treat to be able to serve food like this. 


BE: Top 3 recommended items from the Copper menu and the last restaurants you ate at?

AP: Thai Bouillabaisse, Cured Fresh Water Salmon with Zucchini spaghetti, and the Bisma Eight rice bowls. 

Dulang and Take, both are in Kuta.


BE: Any other chef in the family generation? If yes, who is better?

AP: There are 5 chefs in the family, and I still think that my cousin is the best, as he was my mentor. 


BE: The best meal you've ever had in his entire life/favourite food memory?

AP: It’s the local Balinese food, Lawar, mixed vegetables either with pork, chicken or duck.


BE: Is there a food you dislike?

AP: I could enjoy any type of food under the sun. 


BE: What do you think is the most underrated ethnic food right now?

AP: Sulawesinian fried fish with dabu-dabu hot sauce is the most underrated ethnic food currently. 


BE: How do you keep getting inspired?

AP: Shopping materials and ingredients at the market is what keeps me inspired to create and experiment. Research and development is key. 


BE: Favourite kitchen equipment/gadget?

AP: The frying pan is his most trusted piece of equipment as you can cook most types of food with a good one. 


BE: What’s your go-to comfort food? 

AP: Fried tofu with sweet soy sauce/hot sauce paste.


BE: What is your guilty pleasures?

AP: Pork belly, it’s so bad, it’s so good.