Our Manifesto: The Eight Pillars



Bisma Eight is Ubud.

The elements that define what Ubud is – culture and heritage, creativity and reinvention – are woven throughout the core of the Bisma Eight experience.

When people visit Bisma Eight, they know Ubud.


Bisma Eight is Bali.

All of our projects take that into account and our team is committed to sustaining and protecting the uniqueness of place that exists only in Ubud.

We recognise that nothing as important as preserving the environmental and cultural heritage of Bali.


We are Bisma Eight.

Bisma Eight fosters a sense of family and community that reaches beyond our walls. We work together and support each other in our common goal. Our guests are valued members of our community and we are committed to making their experience as authentic as possible.

We support our neighbours and do our part to keep Ubud an amazing place to live, work, and visit.


Bisma Eight believes in the spirit of service.

We go out of our way to create moments that shape the lives of our guests and define their Ubud experience.

We anticipate the needs of both our guests and our teammates, embracing the opportunity to surprise and delight.


At Bisma Eight, there is no small job.

In each thing that we do, we want to be the best at it. We do this for our guests and for ourselves. Whether we are pouring a drink, making a bed, or answering the phone, each small act contributes to the whole.

We are nothing without everything.


Bisma Eight is always changing.

While some things about Bisma Eight will always define us, we cannot be content with the status quo. We always improve both ourselves and the Bisma Eight experience.

We always adapt to the needs of our guests, our team, and our community.


Bisma Eight never stops learning.

We know that life is a journey and that we never stop growing. In the name of creating a unique and beautiful experience for our guests and to become our own best selves.

We seek to develop our own skills and participate in knowledge sharing.


Bisma Eight is always here.

At Bisma Eight, we do everything with whole hearts, whole minds, and whole bodies. We know that there are no shortcuts and we are committed to being present, in the moment, and engaged in our community, in our work, and in our lives.

We preserve, serve and learn completely.