Ubud's Best Kept Secrets

Ubud is home to a new breed of food and beverage businesses. These guys moved away from the hustle of the tourist meccas and focused on an area to hone in on their craft. These guys all do brilliant things but here's our take in no particular order. Some you'll hear from everyone else and some require a little bit more digging through. Luckily you've got us.

A quick disclaimer that these businesses reflect our personal sensibilities yet still hold the true essence of Ubud close. Nobody will point these out to you. Thank us in the comments section. 


EVERYTHING ELSE (because we love a good mix when on holiday)

Seniman Coffee Studio - Nowhere do they do a coffee in a more rustic and laid back setup. Truly the most thorough coffee folks in the city.

Copper Kitchen & Bar - New to the scene but stylish and thoughtful on all fronts. Offbeat and the complete antithesis of a hotel restaurant. Well-designed without sparing any attention to detail. The farm down the road is their clutch point. Enjoy the views of their in house forest while Chef Shima Drupadi pushes it with her high-brow, low-brow style.

La Ramona Tapas - Two people that share a great respect for mediterranean style cuisine and tapas. Whacky, arty and very casual. Great personalities behind the restaurant.

Grandpa's - These guys hold the breakfast torch and take it all the way. A central location and easy to spend an afternoon in the heart of the city at this spot.

Kebun Bistro - Hearty fare in a great setting. Who doesn't love dripping wax from iron candle stands. Located at Hanoman Street.


INDONESIAN (because we know Indonesian food like nobody else)

Warung Pulau Kelapa - Truly authentic Indonesian food no concierge will ever recommend. That's because they just don't get the stylish interiors of this traditional Indonesian joglo house.

Bale Udang Mang Engking - Another example of supercharged sustainable Indonesian architecture and hearty Indonesian food. Someone with true taste put this one together. Just look at the materials.

Waroeng Bernadette - Look out for lovely Bernadette who's forever young. She takes home style cuisine and makes it that much more authentic. Paired-back interiors and spicy food.

Warung Borneo 8 - Indonesian food with absolutely no frills. A guilty pleasure if you need one in Ubud.

Look out for a new and updated selection very soon.


Warm Regards,

Suraj Melwani

Board of Director