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Permaculture Design Course by The Kul Kul Farm

Permaculture Design Course with Nick Ritar

This June & July with Nick Ritar of Milkwood and The Kul Kul Farm will be giving a course on how to provide for yourselves, your family and community in regenerative ways using nature design and permaculture. Immerse in farm living whilst meeting environmental entrepreneurs in one of the most abundant settings in the world.

You will be introduced to Balinese farmers that have for decades interwoven permaculture principles into their cultural and agricultural practices. Learn from The Kul Kul Farm Co-Founders Orin & Maria about their journey starting a farm enterprise based on permaculture principles here in Bali.



22 June - 7 July 2018


The Kul Kul Farm (maps)



Permaculture provides an effective solution-based design system to address the problems of today. Based on a set of principles and natural patterning, permaculture design is applicable in all climate conditions; in both urban and rural situations. Many indigenous communities who have been relocated or disconnected from their home are studying permaculture design principles to help re-weave cultural connection and relationship.

This 2 week certified Permaculture Design Course includes an Introduction to Permaculture and workshops on soil fertility, agroforestry, home gardening, bamboo & natural building, and more. You will learn about the ecologically sustainable water management and intricate irrigation system for rice paddies in Bali called the Subak. Listed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. You will learn how Balinese rice farmers relate to the natural world and how they see nature, humanity and spirit intrinsically linked through a philosophy called Tri Hita Karana.

You will be given a personalized tour of Green School and Green Village and learn how the Green School is pioneering education using systems thinking, experiential and nature education. You will learn how to transform a wild grass into a beautiful building material from the bamboo architects and builders who were involved in building the school and some of the most cutting edge natural bamboo homes in the world. You will learn different ecological food production systems and how to follow the design process to create onsite designs. Learning will be facilitated with a mixture of classroom time, tours, excursions, discussions and hands-on workshops.