Ubud is like nowhere else, and Bisma Eight reflects that. Our dining options are an authentic and inspired blend of the flavors that have always brought people to Ubud and what those ingredients mean to us.


Copper Kitchen, Bar & ROOFTOP

Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop is a Seasonal Earth-to-Table dining experience. Food that embraces the depth of International-Asian culinary traditions and the skill and élan using locally grown and ethically sourced produce. It serves up natural and earth-friendly meals for today's conscious folk.


Copper's Barman, Gede Juli Sumartayasa

Discover all the secrets to our expertly handcrafted bevvies and learn about the fresh ingredients we use in our drink creations. The fun starts as soon as you take a seat to learn all the tricks of the trade from prepping to mixing, then shaking and stirring, so get behind the bar and create a drink of your choice!

Get crafty with our Barmen!


Located at Copper Bar

Classes are available every Saturday

Crafty Mocktail from 3-4 PM / Crafty Cocktail from 4-5 PM

Crafty Mocktail is priced at IDR 400.000++ per person for non residents, and complimentary for all residents.

Crafty Cocktail is priced at IDR 220.000++ per person for Bisma Eight residents, and IDR 550.000++ per person for non residents.

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Jamu Class.jpg

Jamu is Indonesia’s system of traditional herbal medicine used by many for the prevention and treatment of a variety of ailments. Jamu is said to have originated 1300 years ago in the Javanese Royal Courts, and is still practised today throughout Indonesia. By knowing Jamu transformation today, this is certainly very good for the sustainability of herbal medicine in Indonesia. No matter what, the heritage of the ancestors must be preserved. So, know your Jamu, craft your own Jamu, and don’t forget to always drink Jamu!


Located at Copper Restaurant Pergola

Workshop is available every Sunday at 4-5 PM

Jamu Workshop is priced at IDR 150.000++ per person for non-staying guests, and IDR 100.000++ per person for all staying guests.

Limited to 4 people per session

Jamu class 1.jpg