Bringing an Authentic, Ethical, and Inspired Experience to Bali

Bisma Eight, Ubud, and their rooftop restaurant Copper Kitchen & Bar is excited to announce the arrival of new Executive Chef, Ben McRae. Aussie born McRae joins the Bisma Eight family and headlines an authentic, ethical and inspired rotating menu with roots deep in the local soil that will see Copper Kitchen become the number one destination for foodies in Indonesia.

Erick Hardiansyah, General Manager for Bisma Eight said: “It is a great pleasure having Chef Ben leading our culinary brigade. As an award winning and innovative chef, we are very confident Copper will become the number one unique dining experience for Ubud and the surrounding areas, we believe he and his culinary team will bring our guests palate to the most memorable taste they have ever experienced.”


A Chat with Executive Chef Ben McRae

BE: How did you get into cooking?
McRae: My mother was a chef, when I was a kid I was helping her out for pocket money, so I decided to leave school and went to culinary school instead

BE: What ingredients do you like to play with?
McRae: Anything that’s fresh and local: jerusalem artichoke, raw fish

BE: Give us a few tips or techniques?
McRae: Be good to your mother!

BE: What do you love about our organic farm, The Gardens?
McRae: It’s great having our own farm and knowing where our produce is coming from

BE: Top 3 reco menu from Copper?
McRae: Prawn and crab ravioli, dashi shoyu, nori crumb, prawn oil and angel hair seaweed house-made gnocchi, truffled jerusalem artichoke, garlic confit, gruyere and cream charred pineapple with thai basil and a lemon, chili and ginger granita

BE: What would be the last 3 restaurants you ate at? And why did you choose them?
McRae: Merah Putih, it was very good – I went because it was recommended;
Sardine– I know their Executive Chef, Michael;
Room4Dessert – Will Goldfarb is a good friend of mine, often eat there and go for cocktails and a chat

BE: Any other chef in the family generation? If yes, who is better?
McRae: Aside from my mother, another one in the family would be my brother, he just started cooking 2 years ago. I have been cooking for more than 18 years now

BE: The best meal you've ever had in your entire life or your favorite food memory?
McRae: A dinner in Faro, Portugal, in a small coastal seafood village. It reminded me of my mother’s or grandmother’s cooking, nothing beats that!;
My favorite food memory would be my mum’s Sunday roast lamb. The family would always fight over who got the knuckle bone

BE: Any other talent that you most like to have?
McRae: A professional Dj for 19 years

BE: Is there a food you dislike and why?
McRae: Blue cheese, it’s everything about it, the taste, the smell, it reminds me of sweaty socks and stinky feet!

BE: What do you think is the most underrated ethnic food right now?
McRae: Middle eastern cuisine such as Lebanese or Moroccan, it is amazing food when done right

BE: How do you keep getting inspired?
McRae: Eating out, following chefs’ pages, creating new recipes, experimenting with seasonal produce

BE: Your favorite kitchen equipment/gadget?
McRae: My hand crafted Japanese knives made in Tokyo

BE: What do you like to eat when you’re at home and the last thing you cooked for yourself?
McRae: probably steak, vegetables or salad, I’m lazy at home, I hardly eat at home, I rather go out and eat

BE: What would be your guilty pleasure food?
McRae: Any good ice cream will do


One last note from Chef Ben McRae:

"Normal people are boring!!! Weird sense of humor is good! That is my tip for survival in the kitchen!"